Point Shooting or
Intuitive Unsighted Shooting

Point shooting  is sometime referred to as unsighted intuitive or threat focused shooting.   Simply stated it is combat accurate shooting without the use of the pistol sights. It is not "spray and pray" shooting.

Point shooting techniques are effective at distances between zero to 21 feet.  These shooting techniques can deliver combat effective shots using one-hand or two-hand grips. 

Point shooting techniques work when employing dynamic movement.  They also are effective in no/light or low/light situations. 

Point Shooting Courses

Introduction to Handguns
The Introduction to Handguns  course is designed to meet the needs of a person who has never handled or shot a handgun or who has little experience in handgun and wants to know how to safely handle a handgun. This class  meets the training requirements needed to submit an application for a Florida Resident or Non-Resident Concealed Weapon or Firearm License.  The course will include a lesson on the selection of a handgun that fits your needs and requirements.  Handguns are available and a person who does not already own one should defer that decision until they have taken this class. 

The basic course is 4-5 hours in length and requires the student to shoot a minimum of 100 rounds of ammunition or a maximum of 150 rounds of ammunition. 

Cost is $50 plus $27 for a copy of Florida Firearms Law, Use and Ownership.  This purchase is waived if the participant already owns a copy of Release 7.  There is a gun cleaning fee of $10 if the student does not own their own handgun.

This course consists of the following:
  • Introduction to Florida or Georgia Statutes
  • Introduction to Basic Firearms Safety
  • Introduction to Point Shooting fundamentals
  • Live Firing

To complete this course you will have to demonstrate that you know how to load, fire, and unload your pistol with a reasonable degree of skill. We expect you to hit your target.  Don't worry though.   We will work with you to achieve the level of skill needed to receive our training certificate. 

Point Shooting Fundamentals Course
Go to the Point Shooting Fundamentals course page to read more about this point shooting course.  The course length varies from six  to nine  hours in length and the cost is $75 for one participant. The family rate is a $25 per person discount for additional participants . Purchase of a copy of Florida Firearms, Law, Use and Ownership for $30 is mandatory unless the participant already has a copy of Release 7 which is the current release.  This book is used in  the legal portion of the course.  If the course is taught in two half day sessions the cost is increased by $25.

Advanced Point and Sighted Shooting Techniques Courses
We offer two Advanced Point and Sighted Shooting Techniques courses.  The first advanced Point and Sighted Shooting course is entitled Advanced Point and Sighted Shooting This course picks up where the Point Shooting Fundamentals course stops and adds advanced point and sighted shooting skills including more dynamic movement and drawing and shooting while moving. Go to the Advanced Point and Sighted Shooting  Page to read more about this course.

Very Advanced Point and Sighted Shooting Techniques Course
The next advanced point shooting course is entitled Very Advanced Shooting  This course adds additional point shooting and sighted shooting skills and teaches smooth transition from point shooting to sighted shooting.  This course teaches the tactics and skills needed to deal with extreme situations. Go to the Very Advanced Shooting page to read more on this course. 

While our Force-on-Force courses do not specifically require the employment of advanced point shooting techniques they provide the participant with an opportunity to test their point shooting and sighted shooting skills.  Go to the Force-on-Force page to read more about these courses.

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