Point Shooting or
Intuitive Unsighted Shooting

Point shooting  is sometime referred to as unsighted intuitive or threat focused shooting.   Simply stated it is combat accurate shooting without the use of the pistol sights. It is not "spray and pray" shooting.

Point shooting techniques are effective at distances between zero to 21 feet.  These shooting techniques can deliver combat effective shots using one-hand or two-hand grips. 

Unlike techniques employed with sighted shooting point shooting techniques work when employing dynamic movement.  They also are effective in no/light or low/light situations. 

Basic Point Shooting
The basic point shooting class covers the fundamentals of point shooting.  It teaches the student to be able to accomplish unsighted shots from distances ranging from contact to approximately 15 feet.  These shots will be combat effective shots that will impact in the main chest area of an assailant.  Simple movement prior to shooting will be taught to make it harder for an assailant to hit the person defending himself. 

Advanced Point and Sighted Shooting Techniques Course
The  advanced point shooting and sighted shooting course is entitled Advanced Shooting.   This course is for a student who already has a handgun and knows how to shoot with handgun sights and using point shooting. The purpose of this course is to develop high quality point shooting and sighted shooting skills. It  emphasizes the smooth transition from point shooting to sighted shooting.  The student is taught to draw from concealment and to initiate dynamic movement prior to drawing the handgun. He or she then engages the threat using the technique appropriate to the distance to the threat.  Multiple shooting positions are taught.

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Point Shooting or Intuitive Unsighted Shooting